2015 International Youth Food Culture Contest Winners


                                                    Writing Category


1st Place: "Dollop of Sour Cream" (Poetry)

                 By: Isabelle Robles, 11th Grade, West High School, Iowa City, Iowa, U.S.A  

                 To read this poem, along with judges'comments, click here


2nd Place: "When I Think of Food" (Essay)  

        By: Angie Lee Xiao Fong, Senior 2, Poi Lam High School, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia    

        To read this essay, along with judges'commemts, click here


3rd Place: "Champa" (Personal Story) 

      By: Malisa Sengdara, 10th Grade, Sengdara Int'l Bilingual School, Vientiane, Laos  

      To read this story, along with judges' comments, click here                                 


4th Place: "Food for Thought" (Poetry) 

                By: Reet Sethi, 8th Grade, American International School, Dhaka, Bangladesh                 

                To read this poem, along with judges' comments, click here


                                                       Art Category


1st Place: "A Fusion of Flavors"

                  By: Vedika Luthra, 12th Grade, American School, Warsaw, Poland     

                  To view the art works, click here 


2nd Place: "Well Nourished"                    

      By: Ananda Wisely, 4th Year, San Jose Nat'l High School, Antipolo City, Philippines

      To view this art work, click here 


3rd Place: "What's Your Cuisine?"

               By: Melia LaFleur, 8th Grade, Kapolei Middle School, Kapolei, Hawaii, U.S.A    

               To view this art work, click here 


4st Place: "Untitled"                                                    

               By: Caitlin Tynanes, 8th Grade, Kapolei Middle School, Kapolei, Hawaii, U.S.A 

               To view this work, click here 

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