Submissions for the 2017 International Youth Food Culture Contest are now open!


Details of the submission guidelines are as follows:


Deadline for submission: April 30, 2017.




Any middle school or high school student is eligible to participate.  Participants from all parts of the world are welcome.


Entrants may enter on their own or as a group.


There is no fee needed to enter. Each entrant or entrant group may submit as many writing and/or art works as they like.


Individuals who previously received awards in this contest are eligible to participate in the 2017 contest, but cannot submit the same or similar work as the one previously submitted.


This contest does not restrict or limit your submission of the same work to other contests. However, if your work has been submitted to other competitions, you may want to check with those competitions to make sure that they allow you to submit the same work to this contest.




Submitted work can be about any subject relating to food or food culture, provided that the work does not threaten others, instigate violence, or contain profane, obscene, indecent or other inappropriate language or scene. 


Writing Guidelines:


All writing must be original work. Submissions can be in any form of writing, including but not limited to the following: essay, short story, poem, review, opinion, news article, recipe, letter, humor, diary, journal, biography, and report.

Each submission must be typed, and saved in Word format.


The submission should be written in English. There is no word count limit on each writing submission.


Artwork Guidelines:


All artwork must be original work. Artwork can be in the form of illustration, drawing, painting, photography, etc.


The artwork must be saved in a digital format for submission.


How to Submit Your Entry:


Please email your submission(s) to:


Please include in your email the following information: 

- Your full time

- Current grade level in school

- School name, city (town), and country. 


You can send all your submissions together, or separately.


We will not share your information with any third party without your permission.


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